UI / UX Developer

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Job Type: 
Falls Church, VA
Organization Unit: 
State & Local Government
Date Opened: 
Fri, 02/02/2018
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UI/UX Developer






Falls Church, VA







-          Graduate in an IT/Computer Science field


-          6-8 years’ experience in .Net technologies specifically UI/UX




-          Technologies


o   HTML5


§  Complete and in depth knowledge of HTML5 including newer elements such as canvas and svg


o   CSS3


§  Complete and in depth knowledge of CSS3


§  Knowledge and experience using CSS to ensure applications render correctly on all major browsers, with some backwards compatibility modifications to handle older browsers, in particular IE/Edge


o   jQuery


§  In depth and thorough knowledge of jQuery


§  Ability to create dynamic Ajax forms


§  jQuery Validation


·         Knowledge and experience adding dynamic fields to a form’s validation object


o   Bootstrap (Very Important)


§  Thorough, complete, and in depth knowledge of Bootstrap


§  Knowledge and experience of how to build complex forms using Bootstrap


§  Knowledge and experience building front-end pages that are completely cross-platform compatible


§  Knowledge and experience with Bootstrap.js


o   Kendo jQuery UI and Kendo MVC


§  Knowledge and experience with Kendo in its many forms is critical


§  Experience with the more complex Kendo controls such as grids, charts, scheduler, and diagram


o   FontAwesome


o   AngularJS or Kendo Observable objects


o   Experience compiling Less or Sass to create CSS


-          Design skills


o   Experience with theme creation


§  Creating multiple web applications that all have a similar look and feel


o   Colorization and stylization for web applications


§  Ability to create web pages that look elegant while still maintaining a high level of functionality


§  Using custom CSS, jQuery, etc. to create beautiful applications


o   Experience with 508 compliance


-          Work Experience/Relevance


o   Experience working on large scale, enterprise level applications


o   Visual Studio 2017


o   NuGet packages