Innovation and business transformation are mission critical to us. We continue to develop the skills and experience of our employees through technology innovation program that challenges our employees to explore new horizons to improve our customer’s business productive by using technology solutions. We set high standards and challenge what can be done. We believe both our employees and those we serve have endless possibilities to be successful. We appreciate the individual experiences and uniqueness of each employee and what they bring to the Company.

The desires of our customers are the focal point of all we do, and we adapt our approaches and techniques accordingly. Strategies on the frontiers of service design demand a blend of creativity and discipline. We push the envelope of innovation by challenging creative individuals to develop solutions that enhance our capabilities for future markets. We continuously cross match our current capabilities of robust software development, business analytics and infrastructure hosting to mobile platforms, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Virtual Desktop.

What are most important are the alignment of the right innovative ideas, approaches and concepts; the right team; the right development process; the right leadership; and, the right level of risk management to bring value to our customers. Giving customers a reason to use our services requires going above what they have experienced in the past. Our customers recognize the value of CITI and have continued to rely on our services and expertise.

Our innovation program was established to provide a unique and continuous innovation approach, expand innovation into CITI products and services, expand CITI’s sources of innovation and creativity, support and sustain innovation at CITI and accelerate the adoption of innovative solutions both internally and externally. This Program supports our growth strategically by enabling us to develop an innovation pipeline of future solutions and allowing us to better leverage ideas.

We also pride ourselves in promoting green computing for our customer by virtue of server virtualization and desktop virtualization.