To significantly reduce the amount of time associated with custom software development, we have undertaken a mission to develop enterprise-level products that are flexible, scalable, adaptable, and dynamically configurable.

For more than five years, CITI has invested and developed thought-leading enterprise-level products such as… a  mobile health app, employing gamification technology, for patient case management (Patient Buddy™); a next generation retail business management suite for commercial and government customers (Spectrum); a turn-key identity, credential, and access management SaaS offering (manageID®); an in-store social mobility platform for delivering augmented reality and enhanced user experience (Helios); and an easy-to-configure benefit management system for health and human services programs (EBMS).

Challenge us to develop a product for you; even at fixed cost. We have honed the development life cycle to a discipline and can project costs with considerable accuracy. We look forward to developing a product for you that exceeds your expectations.