DM Team at State gets everyone on the same page with MRD v.3.0

CITI’s project team working for the System and Integration Office (SIO) Data Management Branch (DM) at the U.S. Department of State (DOS) is continuing to play a major role in bringing new enhancements to the agency’s Master Reference Data (MRD) application in the form of a number of new functionalities for users, data stewards, and administrators. The team deployed the new architecture of MRD version 3.0 this past May, and it will be deploying the first approved data sets for the new structure on August 23. MRD, according to Nancy Smith (CITI’s project manager for the company’s DM team) is basically the “central source for the State Department's standard reference data” which includes data pertaining to “Post Presence, Missions, Independent States In the World, Locations, etc.”

“[MRD] is designed to improve the accuracy, consistency, and completeness of the standard reference data, and to reduce the effort required to maintain it,” Smith said. And then she added, “This release was significant in that we migrated to a new architecture, free from the SharePoint environment it was originally housed on.”

This CITI team, which has been working together, at the SA-9 site (American Red Cross Building), on the MRD project for the past two years, contributes administrative support and expert analysis to DOS in the area of data standardization including the ongoing evaluations it does of industry and government standards. The seven members of CITI's DM Team are (in alphabetical order) Ted Douglas, Shahidul Islam, David Kajut, Vishal Khemka, Pat Masterson, Thomas Nguyen, and Nancy Smith (PM).