Child Care Management System


CITI’s Child Care Management System (CCMS) is a case management system engineered to facilitate and augment child care subsidy requirements at the State and County level. CCMS’s design leverages the vast domain experience of active Child Care Case Managers and Providers. Our goal was to create a system to alleviate current constraints in the industry:

  • Complexity
  • Localization
  • Automation

CCMS is 'future – proof' as it is built on a cutting-edge technology stack. CCMS automates key workflows, reduces case workloads and improves overall case worker efficiencies. CCMS leverages secure enterprise mobility to enable case workers to conduct inspections in real time. This allows the case worker to spend more time in the field than on filing lengthy paper trails. CCMS also enables overall improvement to the quality of child care provided and helps the agency comply with guidelines and requirements established in the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) Act.

CCMS Modules

CCMS is completely modular and supports the full life cycle of a Child Care Subsidy program:


Provider Management – The Provider Management Module allows the agency to manage a child care provider or center. This includes:

  • Provider licensing application intake
  • Background checks
  • Provider training
  • Provider permit authorization
  • Monitoring of Provider home inspections

Provider Inspection – CCMS's Provider Inspection module is an application that can work on any mobile device and enables the field case workers to:

  • Perform home inspections of care providers
  • Facilitate technical assistance and concerns for the provider applicant

The Provider Inspection module can be used in ‘off-line’ and ‘on-line’ modes and provides flexibility to the case workers to perform their operations without any dependencies. This module integrates with the primary Provider Management module and allows instant access within the system.

Provider Access portal – This module allows the authorized Provider to:

  • Manage their demographic data
  • Entering Time and Attendance for enrolled children under the child care subsidy program
  • Make payments (registration fees) and access their reimbursement information

Public Provider Search – This is a public portal which allows families and any individual to search for registered providers. This portal allows GIS based search along with parameter-based search capability.


Case Management – This module allows case workers to manage the entire life cycle of a case, including:

  • Case intake
  • Case Review
  • Eligibility determination (Using CITI’s proprietary eligibility/business rules engine)
  • Authorization of the case
  • Enrollment of a child to a provider

It also supports other functions, including:

  • Document generation
  • Waitlist management
  • Case redetermination

Eligibility Rule Engine

Business Rules Engine – CCMS's proprietary business rules engine is configurable to the needs and policies of any department to determine the eligibility of families. This rules engine can be used by the Case management and Provider management modules based on various parameters including income and family size.


The finance module allows the agency to manage various aspects of the child care subsidy program including:

  • Fund management
  • Encumbrance calculation (this enables the agency to view projections for the fiscal year)

Automated Provider reimbursements based on attendance submitted are also handled through this module.


The CCMS application also interfaces with various external systems for easy data interoperability. These include:

  • Fire Inspection
  • Training systems
  • Finance systems
  • Payment gateways.


Enterprise Analytical & Reporting Suite – CCMS provides a robust reporting system which provides detailed analytics and reports to the managers and stakeholders of the agency. This allows the agency to take key financial decisions and provides a snapshot of the child care subsidy program metrics.

Administration – Agency system administrators are provided extensive tools including:

  • System user management
  • Roles management
  • Access management
  • Fund management
  • School Calendar management
  • Report template management
  • other system settings that allow the flexibility to update various parameters of the system

This module can help in preventing extensive customization costs to the agency.