Say Goodbye to Passwords

Passwords are clunky – either they are complex and hard to remember, or they are weak and easy targets to hacking. According to Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Report, 81% of all breaches used either stolen or weak passwords. Password-less authentication is more secure, requires less maintenance (password resets, employee downtime) and the overall experience is simpler, creating a superior user experience and a higher conversion of sales.

Password-less Authentication

Password-less authentication is any method of verifying the identity of a user that does not require the user to provide a password. Instead of passwords, proof of identity can be done based on possession of something that uniquely identifies the user (e.g. a registered mobile device or a hardware token) or the user’s biometric signature (e.g. fingerprint, face, retina, etc). Through PKI-based authentication, a user’s digitally bound identity is authenticated through certificate verification on registered devices.

Benefits of Password-less Authentication


Enhanced User Experience


Better Security


Reduced Costs


Control & Visibility

The manageID® Advantage

manageID’s built in key management capabilities allow for seamless lifecycle management of your organization’s PKI identities.